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Global Sourcing Solutions

As with everything, no one solution will meet the needs of every customer.
As with everything, no one solution will meet the needs of every customer. In the late 1990’s, HFR began to embrace the idea that we could provide value to our customers by taking away the hassle of dealing with sources around the world. During that time, we began to cultivate a number of partners in molding, casting and other processes. These companies expand HFR’s manufacturing capability, increase flexibility and give greater advantages for cost relief on higher quantity demands.
Quickly, we found that there is a balance point where HFR’s expertise could not or would not be transferred to our partners. In some cases, HFR continues to add the last minute touches to products to protect intellectual property or to control special features requiring our unique capabilities. In all cases, our customers identities are maintained as confidential and all end product warranties are retained with HFR.
HFR’s objective is for every product we source from another country we make it possible that the products can be manufactured in Sugar Grove. This provides our customers the ability to get emergency products should demands outstrip supply and allows the Purchasing department to sleep better at night. In places where items cannot be manufactured completely in the us, such has castings, HFR works within their supply chain to maintain strategic buffer inventories and use expedite services to decrease lead times and minimize the probability of a stock out.

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